Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh the WondERouS moNth of FebRUary!

We all know that February is the month of LOVE and it is also Black History Month. I decided that I would make this post a combo of Love and Black History. Love + Black History = Black People I Love. I know that "Black" isn't necessarily politically correct but I don't care because all the things that I see on TV call it Black History Month and not African American History Month. How could I not put Bob in this post? I love his music and feel that my feelings for him would best be described by the lyrics from Macka B in there song "Everybody Loves Bob Marley". It simply says that: Everybody loves Bob Marley. Everywhere I go its the same old story. Bob. People of all nations they love the rasta man vibrations. Enough said. Beres Hammond is another great and classic reggae artist. I listen to Bob and Beres (Yes, we are on a first name basis) all the time and continue to enjoy their amazing music. Okay, so I have a girl crush (which goes along with the love part of February) on Alicia Keys. I seriously love her music. I think that she is smart and seems so cool. I would love to hang out with her and just watch her create her music. I also really like that she is pretty, but not overly sexual and tries to let her music speak louder then her sexual appeal. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I know I have posted how I think that he is handsome and would love to have the opportunity to make a baby with him (stop judging me..its February the month of love and this a fantasy). He is half Black and I love or am infatuated by him, so I had to post him. Snoop Dogg. I am a huge fan of rap/hip hop music and I have recently rediscovered my CD of "Doggystyle". Plus who else would we have helped to make putting double zz's into words to help make you sound hip. Examples: Fo' shizzle dizzle. The "Doggystyle" CD is the shizz. See what would have all done without Snoop? Chappelle Show is a classic and should never be forgotten in my book. I loved this show and continue to love it since I have all the seasons on DVD. Man, I wish he didn't trip and stop the show. I guess he had his reasons, but damn Dave that show was funny. He helped give the world amazing stories that we would have never heard from Charlie Murphy. All I have to say is Rick James...Rick James. I couldn't just put these people and not really mention some people who actually helped to make the Civil Rights Movement happen. Malcolm X. I have done a lot of reports on him and think that what he went through and persevered is amazing. I didn't agree with all his ideas, but am definitely grateful for his efforts and those that he inspired to help make a change. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is probably the most notable Civil Rights leader in history. He too was amazing in insisting on a change that ALL people be given the same rights regardless of class, color, or creed. I have had the opportunity to visit his grave along with the museum in Atlanta dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement and named in his honor. It is truly what Black Americans had to endure. I know that there are many others who helped fight the fight and am so thankful that they did.