Friday, November 20, 2009

THiNGs I'm EXCIted For!

Okay, I know its been a minute since I have posted, but I'm posting now. Tonight I am going out with some friends for dinner and we are going to "Precious". I'm excited to go and see this movie. I wanted to read the book this movie is based off of prior to seeing the movie, but I am still waiting to get it from the library. I hope those 5 people in front of me hurry up with the book. I'm excited to see it though. It was released last week in limited release and now just opened here today in AZ. I can't wait to go see this!!! Here is the trailer if you haven't seen it before. The last and definitely not least thing I am excited for is this little guy to come!Thanks Jenn, I stole this picture from your facebook. He and his parents should be here in sunny AZ by Sunday. I can't wait to see him. I wonder if he remembers me or not. I mean I did spend a good three weeks with the kid from July to August. He needs to get here already!