Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Summer

I love summertime and especially summertime in Arizona. I know you are probably thinking that I am crazy because how can someone love 110+ degrees. Well, I do there is something great about walking out the door and feeling the heat hit your skin and having all that wonderful sun shining down on you. To me the best parts of summer in Arizona are swimming and being out by the pool all day and night. Eating shaved ice from Bahama Bucks. Watching the storms roll in during monsoon season, and going to the lake. Now, don't get me wrong some days are like hell, but for the majority of it I love summer in Arizona.
Here is what my summer has looked like so far...
Don't be jealous! I get to wear this sexy boot for at least another two weeks and have already been wearing it for seven weeks. I know its hard not to be envious of me and this lovely piece of foot attire. This boot is really ruining my summer as it adds probably a good 10 degrees to my body heat. Not to mention all the great looks I get from people when I'm out and about. This past weekend when I was at Costco I was offered one of the motorized shopping carts. (No I didn't take the lady up on her offer).
I tore my plantar fascia which is the band of tendons that runs along the bottom of your foot. Connecting your heel to your toes.
Both of my feet had been feeling really tight, but I had been stretching them and thought that they were fine. I was working out with my trainer doing mountain climbers (kind of a jumping lunge) when all of a sudden *POP*. I stopped and looked at my trainer and told him that my heel had popped. He thought that someone had dropped a weight near us because it was so loud. He asked if I wanted to take my shoe off and check it out. I told him no since I didn't want it to swell up and not be able to put my shoe back on., so I finished up my workout and came home and iced that baby. I went to the doctor a week later and he confirmed what I had thought. I have been in the boot for seven weeks now and have been doing physical therapy for the past three weeks.
My summer has pretty much consisted of doctor appointments, ice, physical therapy, ice, and Advil. Not really what I had planned for my summer, but hopefully only two more weeks in this horribly ugly boot. On top of that I am supposed to wear better shoes with better support aka horribly ugly shoes or gym shoes. Does the doctor not understand that gym shoes do not look good with anything other then gym clothes?
I can't wait for summer to be over!