Friday, February 4, 2011

Night of Firsts

New Year's came around and me and my girlfriends were trying to decide how we were going to ring in 2011. to get into any good club you have to be ready to drop $100 and I don't want to spend that much. Mill Avenue here in I don't want to get thrown up on by a random stranger. Ummm night of firsts? Yes, a night of firsts that is what we will do. We all came up with a few things that we have never done and would try to cross them off our list by the end of the night. Here are a few from my list that I came up with: Speak with a foreign accent all during dinner Buy a scratch ticket and a powerball ticket Trade money with a foreigner ie: give 1 dollar for 1 euro We ended up eating at Culinary Dropout, which none of have been to before this night. The food and atmosphere was a lot of fun. After dinner we weren't sure what to do first, so we ended up at a psychic. She told me that I am going to marry a Jew and will end up living in California. It was so funny to hear what she said to each of us. Then I went to a gas station and bought a powerball ticket and a scratch card. I ended up making my money back by winning $2 on my scratch card. I didn't end up finding anyone to trade money with, so that will have to stay on my list of firsts. The highlight of the night was a first and definitely last. We had our countdown at a single adult dance for 30+'s. When I say + I mean that there is no age limit. There were really old old people there dancing to new music. It was amazing and definitely a first and a last for me!

Overdue Update

I know I haven't updated this thing forever. I thought that I would do a quick catch up of what I have been up to these past few months. My family and I trecked up north to freezing cold Utah for Thanksgiving. I was not happy to be in the cold and away from my beautiful Arizona sunshine.
Seeing these two little monsters made the cold and lack of sunshine well worth it.
We took a family picture at Auntie Lynette's in our Christmas pajamas. The day we were planning on leaving a huge snowstorm hit. The roads were horrible, so we were forced to stay another day. In that time I learned to do this. Yep, that's right I knitted this amazing beanie.
Once I was thawed out in sunny Arizona I was packing my suitcase again to head to the happiest place on earth, also known as Disneyland. I loved being there during the Christmas season and enjoying all the decorations.
Visiting Disneyland during the Christmas season may need to become an annual tradition for me. Over the weekend we went to the Santa Monica Pier, ate at Pink's Hot Dog, and then headed to Hollywood BLVD and this little premier was happening. It was funny to watch all the paparazzi yell at the stars.
My family and I were able to meet up with my birth mom Tua and half sister Priscilla for dinner. Braden picked where we would go and guess what he chose...Hometown Buffet. This kid must be Samoan to pick a buffet over all the other perfectly good restaurants that could have been chosen. I wish that my half brother Sammy could have been there, but at least I got to see him this summer. It was fun hanging out with Tua and Pricsilla. They are so funny and we always have a good time when we're together.
A few weeks after California this fabulous foursome headed down my way for Christmas. They were here for two weeks and I wish that never left. Christmas break was filled with gingerbread house making, a hay ride and caroling with the Rohners, Temple lights, good food, and at the end family pictures.
My family and I have been truly blessed and I had an amazing Christmas. We got the kinnect for the XBOX 360 and all Christmas day we played kinnect. We had multiple dance competitions and sport competitions. Katelyn surprised our whole family with this classic beauty. That's right the old school Sega. She found it on craigslist along with two of our favorite games Aladdin and Lion King. We had an awesome rotation going from the Kinnect to the Sega. That past few months have been fun and filled with family. I couldn't ask for a better holiday season.