Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BAck iN ThE DAy

I have been watching "Late Show With Jimmy Fallon" and I love how he has been trying to set up a reunion with the "Saved By The Bell" cast. I loved this show and embarrassingly enough I still enjoy it. Don't worry they play reruns on TBS and sometimes I DVR them. I know how lame am I? Especially since I have seen probably every episode before and some even multiple times. Here is one of the funny clips from the late show. That got me thinking though of all the other old shows that I used to like to watch. Crazy that you can now rent most of them now since they are on DVD. Here are some that I remembered liking. Just The Ten of Us This show was about a high school basketball coach that got a coaching job. He and his family had to move for his job. His children would also attend the school, but the school ended up being an all boys catholic school. The boys at school are really happy since he has four daughters and one son that join their student body. My Two Dads I loved this show. I am actually waiting to get this from Netflix to relive the good ole days. Out of This World This show was about a girl named Evie. She is half alien and half human. As she gets older her powers start to set in and she can stop and change time. She would talk to her dad through a glass cube. These are just a few old shows that I remember liking. I would love to know what old shows you enjoyed!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

THinGs THat MaKE yoU GO hMmm...

The other day my mom and I went to get a pedicure. We were sitting there enjoying and relaxing our pedicures while these poor little Vietnamese women tried to hook our feet up. The lady doing my mom's pedicure looks up and says, "Oh you two famwee?" My mom replies, "Yes, she is my daughter." "Oh I tell sin you look like her," the lady states while pointing at me. Now if you look at this picture you see that I don't look anything like my mom. "She was actually adopted," my mom replied trying not to laugh in front of the lady. Then the lady tried to explain that it is probably just my mannerisms that make me look like my mom. Yes, that must be it. Way to try and redeem yourself! I seriously couldn't stop laughing once we got in the car.