Sunday, June 22, 2008

CaTch UP TiMe!!!

I have been pretty busy with life lately. Devin had his mission farewell last week and we had some of our family come in from Utah. We had so much fun hanging out with everyone and I was so happy that they were able to come down and enjoy our wonderfully HOT AZ summer with us! I'm pretty sure that all weekend long all we did was EAT!!!

Kyle (my brother-in-law) and his parents were nice and took us all to the lake. We had a lot of fun and the water was perfect! Here is me and Katelyn in the car taking pictures.

Since this is Devin's last week here in AZ before he goes to the MTC we have pretty much been playing and having fun. We have gone bowling a total of three times this week. I went to see "The Hulk" and "Get Smart" and gone out to eat I don't know how many times this entire week so Devin could eat at all of his favorites one last time!

I loved "Get Smart"! Maybe I am a little bias because I love Steve Carell and of course Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. There were great one liners in this movie and I laughed quite a bit. So if you are wondering if you should see it. I would have to say yes.

Ahhhh...I just had to add this. I mean look at him...honestly need I say more. Anyways moving on to the next thing.

"Hulk" exceeded my expectations. Not that I really had high expectations since the last time this movie was done is was HORRIBLE. I have to say Marvel has done a really good job this summer with "Iron Man" and now "Hulk". If you liked "Iron Man" then I bet you would like "Hulk". I didn't like it better then "Iron Man", but it was a good movie.

One place we ate at was Rosa's. If you ever come to Mesa, AZ you definitely need to go to Rosa's. This is are favorite mexican place! We went there twice this past week..that is how much we love it!

Devin sad that he won't be back here for two years and sad that all his food is gone.

I seriously can't believe how many times I have gone bowling this week. 3 times...what is that about? I used to hate bowling and would make fun of my mom because she was in a bowling league back in the day! We went earlier this week and so much fun we just kept going. Devin, Camille, Kyle, Me, and my friend Misi went last night and we got there for Extreme Bowling. Nothing was really extreme about it. It was really just bowling with the lights out and a black light on with other neon lights on the lanes and music videos playing. We had a lot of fun and definitly got our money's worth. It was $20 each and you could bowl continuously from 10-1am. We made it until a little before 1 and had fun!
Camille and her bowling ball and her prego stomach!

Devin and ME!

Devin, Me, Camille & Kyle bowlin'

Devin brushin his shoulder off

All of our beautiful bowling balls

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Little Vacay with the Fam Bam!

This past weekend me and the Fam Bam took a road trip to St. George for my cousin Nichole's wedding and also my cousin Kurt's mission farewell. We had a such a fun time seeing all the family and just chillin enjoying all the fun festivities! Here are some pictures from our little vacay!

We went bowling which was fun and some guys were gettin pretty heated outside as we were walking into the bowling alley. It was funny becasue we were just talking about how many crazy's hang out at bowling

Katelyn and Nichole outside the temple. Nichole's dress was so pretty. Katelyn's dress had people asking how it was made. One lady even came up and lifted her dress up and was trying to figure it out. It was funny!

Cade, Neil, and Braden waiting outside the temple for Nichole and Casey to come out.

The two future (very near future) missionaries! Kurt and Devin love to have their pictures taken. Kurt is going to the Dominican Republic and Devin is going to Portland, OR. Kurt gave an awesome talk on Sunday!

Nichole & Casey's cute cake!

SISTERS!!! Me, Camille, and Katelyn...just missing Jennica. Wish that she could have been there!

Camille and her husband Kyle. Awww the cute little parents to be!

I had so much fun getting together and seeing all the family. I am so lucky to have such a great family and can't wait to get to see them all some more throughout the summer!