Monday, April 26, 2010

BloG PosT OVErlOad!

I haven't updated my blog in FOREVER so this is going to be a posting overload of what has been going on in my life. Back in February my sister Camille and her husband had their second cute lil' girl. Her name is Reese and she came into this world very fast. I was at the hospital and the doctor broke Camille's water and then within 45 minutes lil' Reesey Roo was born. I was telling Camille right before she was born that I hoped she would have tons of dark hair. I got my wish! Brynlee was so cute with her and very protective. When she finally got to see Reese and the doctor was doing his checkup on her Brynlee started to cry saying baby it was so funny to see her be so protective.

VAlentInEs DAy

My Valentine's Day was a lot of fun. My girlfriends and I had a "Sex and The City" Valentine's Day Party. We got together and were supposed to wear our pajamas and our favorite heels. We had a yummy dinner and cosmo's. Jaimee and Noelle's house was decorated so cute and it was just fun to get together enjoy each others company and watch episodes of "Sex and The City". I'm getting so excited to see the second movie. I honestly can't wait. What is better then being with friends, enjoying good food, and having amazing conversations? me that is honestly the best!


For my birthday my friends surprised me a Jersey Shore themed birthday dinner. We all love that show and enjoy watching the ridiculousness unfold on that show. It is like watching a car wreck for an just get sucked in can't look away. If you haven't seen it then I personally think that you are missing out on some amazingness train wreck TV.
When I came up to the door of the house there was an Italian flag and house music bumping. I knew it was going to be an amazing night. I was impressed to see my friends sporting there Snooki poofs, fake tans, and fist pumping to beat that beat up!
They made me my own personal Jersey Shore kit. We had a nice family style Italian meal. My friend Kristy made me the DOPEST cake ever.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I went to Vegas with some of my girlfriends for a fun little girls weekend. It was fun to go on a road trip and just have fun in Vegas. Here are my girlfriends that I went with. MIsi, Markay, and Selu. We went out one night while we were there to XS which is at the Encore hotel. While we were there I met Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson in the bathroom. Along with this amazing mural of a man on the wall. I also gambled for the first time. I was very adventurous and played the penny and nickle slots. I put in $10 and ended up winning...$140. That's right I'm a big player now in Vegas!