Saturday, July 25, 2009

R.I.P...My bELoVed G rIDe

See this beauty of a car!?! Well, I have loved my Acura Integra for the past 7 years or so and it has served me very well. She decided to leave me for good last week. I was enjoying not having payments, cheap registration, and pretty low insurance and now its all a memory. I was driving the other day and slowed down for a red light. The light turned green and I pushed on the gas to accelerate and nothing. Luckily I had enough momentum to pull to the side of the street, but I knew that my G Ride was no more. Here are some of the things that I will always remember about my ride: 1. Getting pulled over numerous times. Apparently white cars in beer runs, shootings, and robberies are common in Salt Lake City, UT. Or were the police just doing a little racial profiling? 2. Road trip to AZ alone and getting a flat tire out in the middle of an Indian Reservation. Some crazy Indian man coming out of nowhere putting my spare tire on and hopping in the passenger seat wanting me to take him to the nearest place for alcohol. 3. 1 drag queen, 3 Tongan guys, and 4 females cruising Salt Lake City. 4. Hitting a deer on trip from AZ to UT. I am still happy to this day that the only damage done was a broken windshield, passenger side window and rear view mirror, headlight and dented passenger side. I think the deer got the worst of it. 5. Having my driver side window shot out and a bullet hole in my rear view mirror. My car was a G! A real gangster that could handle hitting a deer and getting shot. I always said that I was going to drive you til' the wheels fall off!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CheCk Up ON iT

Beyonce was in town last week and some friends and I went to her concert. I had so much fun, but didn't get any pictures since my camera is broken. I took a few with my phone but they didn't turn out very good. Here is one. This is when she was performing "Baby Boy" and was coming down from the ceiling. Seriously, who thinks oh you know what would make this song really hot is if I came in from the ceiling. Crazy! I thought that she might end up lipsynching a lot of the show since she dances quite a bit. She didn't though. She sang a lot of stuff accapella and she can really sang! That was the day of the Michael Jackson memorial in LA and she was late because she went to it. At the end she sang "Halo" and had a picture of him in the background. It was really cool. Here is one of her latest videos "Sweet Dreams". Sorry some little commercial thing has to play before the video. She is tight!