Friday, September 25, 2009


I know I am late with this post but better late then never right!?! Here are the highlights or WTF moments that I enjoyed from the 2009 MTV VMA's: Blame it on the aaaaalcohol! See kids drinking a whole bottle of Hennesey on red carpet + not having a filter on your mouth = A douche bag moment. I'm really not surprised by Kanye West having an outburst like this. Don't you remember this moment? (Skip forward to 0:34 for the main event!) I'm not sayin but I'm just sayin! I love me some Lady Gaga. I love her music and don't mind that she hates to wear pants and would rather sport a leotard and tights with huge holes in them. That's just her thing. I was expecting the unexpected when I was watching her performance...or at least I thought I was. She comes out and I'm enjoying it...okay there is someone in a bedazzled wheelchair. That's different but okay. Alright she is sporting a bedazzled cane...still okay not sure if this is some sort of discreet shout out to physically handicapped people. Then oh what is that...blood! Why is there blood? WTF...she is covered in blood and now she is rising into the air... ummmmm okay...I...ugh...I'm pretty sure I will have a nightmare tonight! I'm wondering how she came up with this idea. I can just imagine the conversation,"Yes, I would like to have my dancer wheeled out in a bedazzled wheel chair. Then I want a bedazzled cane/crutch handed to me. At the end I would also like to be bloody and raised into the air!" Here are here other outfits she wore that night: Wow, I have never seen anyone literally covered from head to toe in lace until now...aahh I can die happy. I think Lady Gaga should patent the face scarf before those stupid people that came up the Snuggie do. I was looking forward to Jay-Z and Alicia Key's performance all night. I love Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. He is my favorite rapper and she is one of my favorite female singers. I'm enjoying there performance of "Empire State of Mind" when all of a sudden at the end who...what...why is Lil' Mama on stage. She wasn't performing or had anything to do with the song so why is she up there on the stage with them? Oh, she just hopped on stage with them. All I have to say is that MTV needs to up there game when it comes to security. They don't even need to worry about crazed fans. They need to worry about the crazy artists/musicians that are in their audience.