Sunday, June 28, 2009


I haven't really been up to much lately other then work. My life is still pretty boring. I have been watching SYTYCD. I don't really have a favorite dancer yet. I can't stand this dancer Phillip Chbeeb. I don't know what it is about him that irritates me about him...wait it's that I think he is ugly. I know how mean and looks shouldn't matter...whatever. He reminds of the teacher or Skeeter Valentine on the cartoon "Doug". Come on there is some resemblance?!? Mary drives me crazy too. I am convinced that she is drinking or smoking something prior to the start of the show. She has been a total wack-a-doo this season. Here is a clip I liked about her annoying screaming from the show "The Soup". On Friday I was just hanging around with my little brother Braden when I asked if he wanted to go and see the new Transformers movie. He said yes and then invited his friend to come along with us. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go then since I had been wanting to see "The Hangover". I decided I would go see Transformers and told Braden and bought my ticket. Next thing I know he and his friend ditched me. I was standing there like WTF just happened...ugh I got ditched by my 14 year old little brother! I then went and traded my ticket for "The Hangover". I won in the end because "The Hangover" was hilarious! It is by the same guys who did "Old School" which I loved. In the end I am glad that my little brother ditched me. I highly recommend it if you like movies similar to this. Don't get mad at me though if you are offended by it because it is rated R and with that comes the knowledge that there will be cursing and other offensive material. I know you are thinking why would you suggest this movie then. Well, I have a sick sense humor and like stuff like this and assume others do too! Crazy that Michael Jackson passed away. I have just been jamming out to his music all weekend long. One of my all time favorite songs of his is P.Y.T! He seriously made amazing music and music videos. He was a true entertainer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm Baaack!

I know I actually posted. CRAZY! I don't think that I live a very interesting life, so that would explain why I haven't posted anything since ummm maybe March. I'm not making any promises that I will be faithfully updating, but who knows. Here is what I have been up to lately. I love sports and especially basketball so I have been enjoying watching the NBA Playoffs. I hope that Orlando beats LA. I have been hanging out with this cute little monster. Seriously she growls like a monster, but I have fun playing with her. (I stole this picture from Camille's blog) My friend Tiffany came out from UT to visit a few weeks ago. We both stayed at our friend Nasim's house. It was nice, relaxing, and fun to be together again. We had some good times the three of us. All weekend long we just hung out by the pool. They wanted to get some sun, but not me. I'm not trying to get any darker. Did I take pictures of our fun weekend? No, I forgot. I know BOOO for me. Oh well here is an old picture from back in the day of us. PSYCH...just kidding I forgot that my laptop is broken and it has all my pictures on it. The other thing that has consumed my life is me studying to take my insurance producer license exam. I am sick of studying and taking practice exams. I actually took my test tonight and I PASSED! Woot woot no more studying or practice exams for me! HOLLA