Monday, December 8, 2008

BettER LaTe THen neveR

Here is my thankful post. I went up to Utah for 10 days and didn't take the time to post while I was there. Once I got home I was busy trying to get back to regular life, so like my title says better late then never. This is a post of things that I was thankful for and not thankful for while I was in Utah. NOT THANKFUL FOR:
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I left 80/mid 70 degree weather for this! Too cold I was freezing and thought that I was going to cry.
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The fact that I could see my breathe...definitely a downer. THANKFUL FOR:
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I am a huge fan of Sonic (their drinks not their food). I love their ice and go every day to get my wonderful beverage. Not it's not Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper. My favorite beverage is there ice water. In AZ for a large ice water packed with ice is $0.68 and not eligible for happy hour. While in UT for two 44oz. ice waters packed with ice was only $0.75.
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Utah's cheap gas. When I left AZ I was happy with it being a little under $2/gallon only to have my mind blown seeing how much cheaper everyone was paying in UT. The day I left it was down to $1.59/gallon.
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My nephew Caden. I was so happy that I finally got to meet this little fella and that he was healthy and arrived here safely.
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My wonderful family. These pictures are from the baby shower for both Brynlee and Caden before Thanksgiving. I forgot to take pictures on Thanksgiving Day.
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Last but not least both my niece Brynlee and nephew Caden and the rest of my family. It was great that we were all able to be together and enjoy each others company! We all fun hanging out and playing games in between sicknesses. I am truly blessed to be part of a wonderful family.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New EdITion

He's here! Finally this little fella decided to come and join the rest of the famdamily. Name: Caden Mitchell Rice DOB: 11/18/08 Weight: 9lbs. 8oz. Height: 20" He is a big boy and I can't wait to finally meet him. Two more days and I can hold this boy. Congratulations Mitch and Jennica!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Thanks Car for the tag. I'm glad you did that so I actually post something. 8 Favorite TV Shows 1. The Office 2. Curb Your Enthusiasm 3. Weeds 4. The Sopranos (If I wasn't Samoan then I wish I was Italian and my Dad was in the mafia. I know the show is over but I love watching episodes on DVD.) 5. Basketball on TNT (I love Charles Barkley. He is FUNNY.) 6. Food Network 7. The Wire (This show was the realest show on TV) 8. Really I have a lot and most are are on HBO, Showtime and FX. Here are the shows that didn't get there own spot: Entourage, Dexter, Nip/Tuck, The Shield, and Riches. 8 Things I did yesterday 1. Worked 2. Took my little brother Braden out to dinner. 3. Saw a lady fall down and tried not to laugh until I was away from her. (Don't worry a man was already helping her get up so I didn't just leave her sprawled out on the pavement. I'm not that mean!) 4. Watched "Saved By the Bell". 5. Checked my email 6. read some of my book I am currently reading 7. talked on the phone with my sister Camille 8. Watched "Inside Man" with my Dad. (I forgot how much I liked that movie.) 8 Things I look forward to 1. My nephew Caden to finally get here. That kid just needs to get here already. He is killing me! 2. Going to lunch today with Camille and my Dad. 3. Seeing my cute niece Brynlee. 4. Getting a pedicure. 5. Going to the gym. 6. Driving to Utah for Thanksgiving to spend it with all my family. (Okay not the driving part but definitely the family part.) 7. Seeing all of my friends in Utah. I miss being with them, but not enough to move back to Utah. 8. Passing my life and health insurance exam so I will finally have my license! 8 Favorite Restaurants 1. Rosa's (The original not Tia Rosa's. I love this local Mexican place.) 2. Flancers 3. Claim Jumper 4. Cheesecake Factory 5. Deluxe Burger 6. Ahh Sushi in SLC. (This was my favorite lunch spot when I lived there. If you haven't been you should go. They make amazing rolls and everything is half priced during happy hour.) 7. RA sushi in AZ 8. Houstons 8 Things on my wish list 1. To go on a two week vacation alone. Starting in NYC, then to London, Paris, and Rome. 2. A two month vacation through the pacific. Stopping in Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia 3. To own a home 4. A pearl colored Range Rover pimped out with rims, a nice tint job and a knockin sound system. 5. A college degree. (I know I need to just get it done already.) 6. My life and health insurance license along with my series 7. 7. Find a guy that I like enough to consider going on a 2nd date. 8. Go to my dream concert that would have Common, Talib Kweli, Alicia Keys, Mos Def, Jay Z, Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, Beres Hammond, Lucky Dube, Keyshia Cole, Mary J Blige, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Jurassic 5, UB40,De La Soul, TI, Rihanna, and MIA. It would just be me and whoever I wanted to invite. We would all just hang out after the concert and just kick it. Now I tag Carolyn, Kassie, Amy, and Jennica!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SoME New FavOriTe STuff!

I have a new show that I really like Kath & Kim. I love Molly Shannon and Selma Blair so how could I not like this show. Plus there outfits are amazing. It comes on before The Office and I love it! If you haven't seen it you should check it out online at Here is also a new commercial that I like a lot. It has my boy Troy Polamalu in it and all I have to say is dang that boy can hit! This commercial is so catchy. I heard it once and the song got stuck in my head. I don't even know what this game is or have ever played it but like I said it's catchy. After seeing it I will find myself singing Oh No You Didn't. As for sports I wanted the Dodgers vs Red Sox, but since the Dodgers didn't make it I want the Rays. I love that they have the youngest team in baseball and the second lowest payroll in the MLB. Plus Carl Crawford lives downt the street from us so GO RAYS! Football I am of course loving my home team the Arizona Cardinals...hope I didn't just jinx them. I'm lovin that my boy Donovan McNabb is out there hustlin for the Philadelphia Eagles! I hope that both teams make the playoffs and hopefully one of them will make it to the Super Bowl!

Monday, October 13, 2008

CAtcH UP tiMe!

These are in no particular order. Some are from an Arizona Cardinals game I went to with my dad. We had a lot of fun and got to be in a suite. That is the only way I want to go to a football game again! Then Braden threw my dad's golf club in the lake at the golf course so I took him to go look for it. LOL...he didn't find it. The other picture are of Brynlee and I can't believe how fast she is growing.  
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ForEveR STronG

I went to see the sneak peak of this movie with my family on Monday night and I have to say that I liked it. My standards were pretty low because I thought it was a church movie and would be lame like "The Singles Ward", "The RM", and "Sons of Provo" (sorry Auntie Lynette I didn't like that movie). So, that being said this movie didn't have anything to live up to but it was good. It really isn't a church movie and there are some kind of popular actors in the film. It is based on true events of the Highland High (in Salt Lake City, UT) Rugby Team. I am a fan of rugby so I really enjoyed seeing a sports movie about rugby. My only complaint was that I wished that there were more Poly's in the movie since the majority of the people that play rugby in SLC are Polynesian. The movie is predictable like most sports movies, but it is a small movie and word on the street is that if this film doesn't have a good opening weekend then the Hollywood bigwigs are going to yank it. This is a good family movie. I know that it opens this weekend and is playing at a lot of the theatres here in AZ. If you feel like watching a good little family flick I suggest seeing "Forever Strong".

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm An AUntIE!!!

My sister Camille and her husband Kyle finally had there baby! Yay...woot woot!!! She was technically 3 weeks early according to one of the due dates that Camille was given, but we (being Camille, Kyle and the whole rest of the family) all thought that the true due date should have been another one they gave Camille which was September 21st. Anyways she is here and I couldn't be happier! She is healthy and the doctor even said that there is no way that she is 3 weeks early. She is adorable (I know I am bias...but who cares) and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HER!!! Baby Facts: Name: Brynlee Rohner Weight: 7 lbs. 3 oz. Height: 19" Time of Birth: 6:39am
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These are a bunch of pictures from her first day on earth. I love her and can't wait to continue to spoil her! (These are two collages that I made with the same pictures)
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Monday, August 18, 2008


This is the DOPEST Olympic commercial on the air! If you haven't seen this commercial then you are missing out and I highly encourage you to watch this. Seriously, every time I watch it I get goosebumps. Marvin Gaye singing The Star Bangled Banner is classic and so smooth. U-S-A!!! Any huge fan of the olympic coverage and Michael Phelps should stop reading now. Don't be mad if you are still reading because you were forewarned! I am amazed at Michael Phelps and that he was able to accomplish his goal of eight gold medals. I'm not hatin' on him for that, but more irritated with the media and there complete obsession with him. Weren't there three other swimmers on each of the relay teams that helped to make his eight gold medal dream a reality? What about Dana Torres and winning a silver medal at the age of 41? What about Nastia Luikin and Shawn Johnson winning the gold and silver medal in gymnastics all around? The first time the USA has ever done that. I understand that Phelps just made olympic history, however aren't there a lot of other athletes that have worked hard and waited a long time to accomplish there goals in representing our country and trying to bring a medal home. Now there stories are being pushed to the back pages and out of the spotlight. What ever happened to a fair and balanced media...oh I forgot we haven't had that for a long time.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

ReALiTy TV ObSeSsioN

Hi my name is Alisa and I am addicted to reality tv! Okay so I know I have an addiction and that is the first step right. Well, the show that I have grown to love is So You Think You Can Dance and am so happy that Joshua won! The channel that helps to feed my addiction the most would definitely have to be Bravo! My latest addiction has been the show Flipping Out. Love it and all the people on it. I love seeing all the renevations and the transformations made with each piece of real estate. Let me be honest though that the main reason that I watch that show is the drama! Who else brings more drama then the biggest diva on that show....Jeff Lewis. He reminds me of an old boss of mine that shall remain nameless. Screw that...his name was James Davenport and he made my life a living HELL. He wrongfully fired me, but oh well I got a fat settlement from him...hahaha suck it James! Anyways Jeff is funnier then James ever was. My other show that I became addicted to was Real Housewives of New York City. These lady's have way too much time and money. My favorite lady had to be Ramona. She is such a crazy! I love cooking shows and Top Chef is definitely my favorite cooking reality show. I love how intense each contestant is about food and how creative they all are. Project Runway is by far my favorite. I can only wish that I could be that talented and created to go into a grocery store and make an amazing outfit. I wish that Tim Gunn could tell me to make it work!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I have been pretty busy this summer. My family went up to Utah for a little over two weeks. It was fun just being up there and spending time with all of my family. While we were up there we took Devin to the MTC. That wasn't that fun, but I know that he is loving being out in Portland, OR. Jennica was able to come out to Utah from Seattle while we were there which was so fun since I haven't seen her forever. I also went with her to her ultrasound so I got to see my little nephew and hear his heartbeat. That has to be the coolest thing ever. My mom's side of her family had there family reunion while we were there so we got to see everyone and catch up. They set up this big slip n slide and I have to admit that I felt a little gipped about it since all I got was a water fight when I was little with water balloons. It was boys against girls and for some reason us girls would always end up trapped in the nasty bathroom. Man did we suck at strategy. I did do a lot with my family while we were there. We ate a lot, saw a bunch of movies, bowled, hiked, played games, and just hung out. All in all it was a great relaxing vacation to get away from the Arizona heat. Here are some pictures from my trip.

Apparently Jennica and Devin loved this dessert at Tucano's and I loved taking pictures of them loving it because I had 8 pictures of them with the dessert.

The syblings that really love Devin prior to him going to the MTC. Just kidding Camille and Katelyn...kind of

Devin showing off his nametag

Alexa, Breanna, and Shania bein gangsta' at the bowling alley

Ben, Grandpa, and Braden. Grandpa trying to show the youngsters how to bowl

The Smartt Squad at Leatherbee's

The slip n slide at the Turley Reunion

Jessica, Katelyn, Mikaela, and Auntie Lynette doing there ugly opera faces after their fierce competition. Auntie Lynette is still the winner

Playing Mormon Bridge that we all became obsessed with. Thanks Melinda!!!