Monday, April 26, 2010

BloG PosT OVErlOad!

I haven't updated my blog in FOREVER so this is going to be a posting overload of what has been going on in my life. Back in February my sister Camille and her husband had their second cute lil' girl. Her name is Reese and she came into this world very fast. I was at the hospital and the doctor broke Camille's water and then within 45 minutes lil' Reesey Roo was born. I was telling Camille right before she was born that I hoped she would have tons of dark hair. I got my wish! Brynlee was so cute with her and very protective. When she finally got to see Reese and the doctor was doing his checkup on her Brynlee started to cry saying baby it was so funny to see her be so protective.

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Mallory Higginson said...

2 kids!! Go Camille! I'd have to agree, Reese is darling with that dark hair... of course we could be bias