Monday, May 17, 2010


My mom, sisters, and I are all huge fans of the TV show Glee. If you haven't heard of this show you must live under a rock and I highly suggest that you go to and watch episodes of this hilarious show.
The Glee cast recently held a concert here in Phoenix and we are so lucky that we were only one of four cities to get to see this spectacular concert! Their voices are amazing and it makes me love the show even more. They performed Bad Romance by Lady Gaga and I can't wait to see the Lady Gaga episode. Also the girl that plays Santana on the show got to showcase her voice and I hope they start letting her sing more on the show too because her voice is good. Here are some pictures from that night.
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vijayfam said...

Oh dang.... I would have totally flown to Phoenix to see the show! love love love me some GLEE!

Marek said...

FUN! I LOVE GLEE! I can't wait for the Gaga episode, either! We need to go to Gaga together!!!

Marek said...

Girl, update your blog!!